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Vacuum Web Coating Technology

Intellivation are experts in R2R Vacuum Web Coating Technology. We provide R2R process solutions to deposit thin films of metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides, metal alloys, semiconductors, and polymers via PVD processes such as magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation, and others. We do this by offering best in class vacuum web coating systems and components. We have in-house capabilities that include electrical and controls design, mechanical design including 3D Computer Aided Modeling and 3D Finite Element Analysis of fluid flow, heat, stress and magnetics. These capabilities allow Intellivation to bring leading web coating systems like our R2R Series of roll to roll web coating systems and individual components like our planar sputtering magnetrons, rotary magnetron magnet bars, anode layer sources and thermal evaporation modules.

Our technicians and machinists have expertise in electrical panel wiring, machining, 3D printing and welding. Our electrical/controls engineers bring intuitive HMI/UI development, PLC programming and process instrumentation. Intellivation designs enable the latest developments in vacuum web coating technology including HIPIMS, Barrier Films, Optical Coatings, Thin Film Battery, High Temperature Superconductors and other emerging coatings

In-house Capabilities

Electrical/Controls Design

  • 3D Panel Layout
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI / UI Development
  • Process & Instrumentation

Magnetic Design

  • FEA Magnetic

Optical Design

  • Thin Film Design Software

Mechanical Design

  • 3D CAD
    • Solidworks
  • 3D FEA
    • Heat
    • Stress


  • Machining
  • Welding

Finite Element Analysis

vacuum web coating technology magnetic analysis

Magnetic Analysis

The design of all PhiMag magnet packs and bars are completely analyzed for performance for your target material

Stress Analysis

All vacuum chamber designs are checked for stress to make sure all mechanical design tolerances are met at operational vacuum pressures.

Heat Flow Analysis

Heat flow to and from substrates during deposition processes is analyzed as part of our coating drum design.


Cabinet Wiring


Machining & Welding