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Thermal Evaporation

We offer evaporation sources for a variety of Roll to Roll thermal evaporation source thin film applications such as optical coatings, metallization, functional coatings, decorative, organic as well as specialty materials. We offer an in-vacuum wire feed thermal evaporation source. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities we can design and build custom replacement thermal evaporation modules for your current PVD coating equipment. Full 3D CAD models (both mechanical and thermal) are available to ensure seamless integration into your vacuum thin film deposition process and vacuum coating equipment. We also can retrofit the thermal evaporation source controller with latest in crystal monitors and power supplies tied to a feedback controller.

With more than 10 years of experienced developing web coating thin film equipment we are ready to take on your most demanding thermal evaporation coating applications. Share your needs with us today.

Thermal Evaporation

A resistive heat source heats the target material increasing its vapor pressure. The evaporated atoms/molecules condense on the substrate forming the thin film.

Evaporation deposition technology is utilized when high rate deposition is required at the sacrifice of some aspects of film quality. INTELLIVATION can match the evaporation technology to meet your thin film requirements.

thermal evaporation diagram
thermal evaporation

Roll to roll thermal evaporation module equipped with continuous wire feed.