rotary magnetron magnet bars magnetic field 3d fea

INTELLIVATION Rotary or Cylindrical Magnetrons

  • 3” and 6” Target Tubes
  • Target Utilization > 80%
  • Proprietary design for difficult to sputter magnetic materials
rotary magnetron magnet bars magnetic field 3d fea

Magnetic Field 3D FEA

INTELLIVATION fully characterizes the magnet bar utilizing 3D Finite Element Analysis

Intellivation PhiMag™


INTELLIVATION PhiMag™ Rotary Magnetrons

Rotary or Cylindrical Sputtering Magnetrons improve sputter target utilization, increase sputter deposition rate and increase the operating life of the sputtering target. Sputter target material utilization is increased over a planar sputtering magnetron as the erosion is uniformly averaged over the circumference of the rotary magnetron sputter target. Higher average applied sputtering power (compared to planar sputtering magnetrons) can be applied to the hollow cylindrical target because much higher water flows can effectively dissipate the additional heat. The time period between sputtering target changes is increased as the volume of available sputtering target material is improved by the annular cylinder of target material.

Target utilization is improved for cylindrical sputter magnetrons over planar sputtering magnetrons, however the erosion at the sputter race track turnaround still places limits on the sputtering target efficiency. INTELLIVATION has developed a proprietary rotary magnetron magnet bar solution that maximizes target utilization by spreading the erosion at the turnaround over more of the cylindrical target surface. Target utilization exceeding 80%, for even difficult to sputter magnetic materials, is now realized.

INTELLIVATION fully characterizes the magnet bar utilizing 3D Finite Element Analysis. The PhiMag™ rotary magnetron magnet bars offer a game changer for magnetic material sputtering target utilization and is compatible with all existing rotary end blocks.

How can we help with your thin film requirements?

Sputtering deposition technology is utilized when high quality dense films are required. INTELLIVATION can match the magnetron type and power supply to meet your thin film requirements. With many years of experience developing sputtering thin film equipment we are ready to take on your most demanding vacuum coating applications.

What are your deposition source needs?