Intellivation PhiMag™


INTELLIVATION PhiMag™ Cantilevered Planar Magnetron

Target Utilization 40%+

INTELLIVATION PhiMag™ Planar Magnetrons

PhiMag™ planar magnetrons have fully characterized hermetically sealed magnetic arrays. Integrated gas distribution is available with single or multiple zones for tuning thin film deposition uniformity in reactive sputtering processes. The PhiMag™ planar sputter magnetrons are designed for high utilization and uniformity.

Designed with R2R web coating in mind the planar sputtering magnetron cathodes can accommodate DC, AC and RF sputtering power supplies. The cathode body can be grounded or floated depending on the thin film application.

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities we can design and build custom replacement magnetron cathodes for your current PVD coating equipment. Full 3D CAD models (both mechanical and magnetic fields) are available to ensure seamless integration into your vacuum thin film deposition process and vacuum coating equipment.

INTELLIVATION PhiMag™ planar magnetron cathodes have industry leading features

  • Standard Target Widths from 75 mm to 125 mm
  • Custom Target Widths Available
  • Target Lengths up to 3 meters
  • Direct or Indirect cooled targets
  • Non-magnetic target magnetic arrays
  • Magnetic target material magnetic arrays
  • Hermetically sealed magnetic arrays
  • Integrated gas distribution manifold(s)
  • Metric and SAE hardware options
  • Mounting Options:
    • External single or double cathodes
    • Internal mount single or double cathodes with optional cantilever mount
    • Custom angle of cathodes
  • Custom integrated cathode assemblies and controls are available, ask how we can support you

INTELLIVATION meets your requirements

Sputtering deposition technology is utilized when high quality dense films are required. INTELLIVATION can match the magnetron type and power supply to meet your thin film requirements.

Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron Sputtering

A plasma is generated over the target surface by biasing the target negatively with respect to an anode. A magnetic field confines the plasma adjacent to the surface of the target. Positive ions (usually argon) from the plasma strike the negatively biased target and eject atoms of the target material that then condense on the substrate to make a thin film.

Dual Magnetron Sputtering

Dual Magnetron Sputtering

Dual Magnetron Sputtering

Two magnetron targets are connected to a power supply that can oscillate the polarity of each target. The polarity typically oscillates at frequencies from 5 kHz and 150 kHz.  This is used when sputtering oxide or nitride dielectric films to prevent anode loss.

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