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Glow Discharge

Our plasma treatment glow discharge sources are used for adhesion promotion of films deposited on metallic, glass, ceramic and polymer substrates. Intellivation offers water cooled DC or AC driven glow discharge sources. Improved adhesion of films deposited in R2R web coating systems is achieved by removing contamination from surfaces and splitting chemical bonds on polymer substrates prior to thin film coating. The use of a glow discharge improves the performance of sputter deposited films and thermal evaporation deposited films.

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities we can design and build custom glow discharge source for your current PVD coating equipment. Full 3D CAD models are available to ensure seamless integration into your vacuum thin film deposition process and vacuum coating equipment.

glow discharge

Glow Discharge

A plasma is ignited between two tubes by biasing them either with AC, alternating their polarity or biasing them with a DC power supply. A treatment gas is introduced to the plasma and the activated treatment gas interacts with the substrate to affect a chemical change that increases the surface energy of the substrate to improve adhesion.

Plasma treaters are utilized before the deposition zones to treat the surface of the substrate. INTELLIVATION can match the plasma treater technology to meet your thin film requirements.