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Anode Layer Source

Our web coating anode layer source provides an ion beam used for adhesion promotion of PVD coatings on metallic, glass, ceramic and some polymer substrates. The anode layer source provides higher energy to the ions impacting the substrate, ion energy, that is not available from glow discharges. Anode layer sources are utilized for more challenging substrates to promote adhesion.

Intellivation offers a Roll to Roll anode layer source for web coating. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities we can design and build custom anode layer source for your current PVD coating equipment. Full 3D CAD models (mechanical and magnetic) are available to ensure seamless integration into your vacuum thin film deposition process and vacuum coating equipment.

anode layer source

Anode Layer Source

A plasma is magnetically confined between a slit that acts as a cathode. The plasma confined in the slit creates a beam of positive ions that are repelled by the positive bias of and anode. The energy of the repelled positive ions is controlled by the bias put on the slits by the power supply and the pressure.

Plasma treaters are utilized before the deposition zones to treat the surface of the substrate. INTELLIVATION can match the plasma treater technology to meet your thin film requirements.