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INTELLIVATION Vacuum Web Coating Technology

INTELLIVATION is expert in R2R Vacuum Web Coating Process and Technology. We provide R2R process solutions to deposit thin films of metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides, metal alloys, semiconductors, and polymers via a wide range of PVD processes such as magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation and electron beam. We offer best in class vacuum web coating systems and components. Our in-house capabilities include electrical and controls design, mechanical design including 3D Computer Aided Modeling and 3D Finite Element Analysis of fluid flow, heat, stress and magnetics and fully vertical manufacturing. Intellivation brings leading edge web coating systems like our R2R Series of roll to roll web coating systems and individual components like our planar sputtering magnetrons, rotary magnetron magnet bars, glow discharge sources, anode layer sources, and thermal evaporation modules to our customers.

All our vacuum solutions include:

  • Integrated solutions including process, recipe, automation, and software
  • Superior process control and capabilities of the team
  • Technical support for product, process and system development
  • Versatility, controllability for both process and product — far more precise than any other manufacturer

INTELLIVATION provides a wide range of vacuum coating systems to meet all your deposition requirements. Our R2R systems range from lab scale to full production with the ability to process material from 50 mm to > 2 m wide. Our systems are ergonomic, compact and fundamentally designed for ease for access and controllability during processing and manufacturing.

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