Intellivation attends 2020 Association of Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators R2R Conference in Orlando, FL

by | Jan 16, 2020

Come say hello to Intellivation at the 2020 Association of International Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL) R2R Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Intellivation president Mike Simmons serves as the AIMCAL Vacuum Web Coating committee co-chair to help seek out the best technical papers in emerging roll to roll vacuum web coating technology areas such as hybrid flexible electronics manufacturing technology, thin film batteries, roll to roll optical coatings, large area roll to roll sputter deposition, and flexible medical devices, in order to put on a strong technical program in the vacuum web coating technology track.

Please visit the conference to learn more about these exciting technology areas, and while you are here visit the Intellivation exhibit to learn more about our high utilization planar magnetrons for PVD sputtering, reel to reel vacuum deposition equipment for Production, Pilot, and R&D, large area PVD coating systems, and our on-site thin film coating development laboratory.

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