Intellivation Celebrates 1st Anniversary in New State of the Art Facility in Loveland CO

by | May 26, 2021

Manufacturing R2R Vacuum Web Coating Systems with Dedicated Lab Provides Unique Process Development Capabilities

Loveland CO, May 28, 2021: Intellivation LLC, a leading manufacturer of innovative & versatile thin film coating equipment and components for vacuum deposition on roll-to-roll substrates, celebrates their one-year anniversary in their new state-of-the-art facility in Loveland CO.  The 21,000 ft2 site allows for multiple projects to be managed simultaneously and has a new dedicated Lab for product development including unique vacuum deposition and web handling capabilities with thin film analysis.

“We are so proud of our team for facilitating the relocation during the pandemic.  They worked diligently and efficiently, we did not have any delays in customer orders or commitments and we were up and running in 7 days.  This was due to the dedication and expertise of our team.”  says Mike Simmons, CEO of Intellivation. “The ability to design and build a facility to our specific needs has created an environment for product and process development for thin film vacuum coatings. Our Lab tool is uniquely configurable, and we have a very wide range of deposition sources and materials in-house.  All of the work we do in the Lab is directly transferable to production tools which we can concurrently manufacture to deliver the same performance demonstrated in the Lab.”

Intellivation’s R2R Series vacuum web coating systems have a compact and ergonomic design for coating flexible polymer, ceramic, and glass substrates and metal foils with a wide range of thin film materials. The Application Lab is equipped with a R2R330 for process development.   “Although onsite visits were significantly limited during the past year, the current feedback that access to a robust R2R vacuum web coating tool platform in the US, with our deposition technologies, in-house process expertise and onsite characterization equipment, is truly unique and beneficial.  It enables rapid process and product development and accelerates new product launches by reducing time to market” says Mike.  “We look forward to hosting more customers and taking on new challenges here.”

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