022 Machine Shop Roller Supports


INTELLIVATION’s unique vertical integration allows for concept, design, machining (component through chambers), assembly, testing and process verification. All systems are fully assembled and commissioned prior to shipment.

Our technicians and machinists have expertise in electrical panel wiring, machining, 3D printing and welding. Our electrical/controls engineers bring intuitive HMI/UI development, PLC programming and process instrumentation. INTELLIVATION designs enable the latest developments in vacuum web coating technology including HIPIMS, Barrier Films, Optical Coatings, Thin Film Battery, High Temperature Superconductors and other emerging coatings.


In-House Capabilities

 Stand weldment

Electrical/Controls Design

  • 3D Panel Layout
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI / UI Development
  • Process & Instrumentation

Magnetic Design

  • FEA Magnetic

Optical Design

  • Thin Film Design Software
Machine Shop CNC

Mechanical Design

  • 3D CAD
    • Solidworks
  • 3D FEA
    • Heat
    • Stress


  • Machining (multiple CNC machines, lathes, turning & boring mills)
  • Welding including vacuum welding

Finite Element Analysis

Magnetic Analysis

The design of all INTELLIVATION PhiMag™ Magnetrons are analyzed for performance specific to each target material composition and their specific properties.

Heat Flow Analysis

Heat flow to and from substrates during deposition processes is critical in vacuum roll-to-roll coating, INTELLIVATION analyzes the impact of process and heat load as a critical part of our coating drum design.

Stress Analysis

All vacuum chamber designs are stress checked to insure and confirm all mechanical design tolerances are met for operational vacuum pressures specified. Evaluation includes all components and their interactions during all phases required to reach ultimate vacuum and their integrity at atmosphere.


The ability to manufacture all mechanical components in-house with a fully integrated machine and welding shop provides unique capabilities for our coating systems. Control of work flow and streamlining production is a focus for our machine shop and operations teams. Their full integration into our process flow enables INTELLIVATION to provide the highest quality systems within the committed timelines and at the precision required to be a world class provide of vacuum systems.

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