Intellivation Celebrates 15 Years of System and Engineering Excellence

by | Apr 16, 2024

Founded in January 13, 2009, Intellivation marks 15 years of excellence in equipment engineering and manufacturing. Originally established in Tucson, Arizona, and then relocated to Colorado in 2012, Intellivation now operates in a >50,000 ft2 purpose-built facility dedicated to manufacturing and building state of the art vacuum deposition equipment. Recent expansions of both the facility and the team were necessary to support customers’ needs in the growing technology areas Intellivation serves. As a vertically integrated original equipment manufacturer, we offer the unique ability to design, manufacture, assemble, and commission complete systems in-house.

“We are thrilled to be sharing this significant milestone with our customers, suppliers, and team, as we mark the celebration of our 15th anniversary having executed our mission of becoming a world leading supplier of thin film vacuum deposition systems. Growth and re-investment in ourselves have proven to be a recipe for success in our business and we are proud of the solutions we provide. We continue to invest in providing process and product support for our customers by operating an in-house Intellivation R2R Lab which allows customers the opportunity to develop, fine tune and modify new and existing products and transition them in to production-ready solutions.” Mike Simmons, President and CEO states, “Our team has engineered, machined and built R2R solutions while providing continuous improvement and process support for a wide range of customers and applications, including recent work in turning continuous coated films into patterned circuits for wearable sensors and other emerging flexible circuit technology areas. The Intellivation Team’s commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering systems that meet or exceed demanding end-use requirements made this possible. Our team has truly been exemplary in their drive to surpass customer expectations and develop intelligent, unique solutions. We look forward to building on this track record and accomplishing more in the years ahead.”

Intellivation is a leading manufacturer of vacuum web coating equipment featuring unique and innovative state-of-the-art design with powerful automation. We offer R2R Series vacuum coaters and metallizers in widths from 330mm to 2m which can include rotary and planar magnetrons, evaporation technology, substrate pretreatment, and in-situ monitoring. Our on-site Application Lab featuring R2R330 and R2R600 roll-to-roll vacuum coaters provides the ability to support customers’ thin film coating development on flexible substrates including metal foils, polymers, textiles, nonwovens, flexible glass and flexible ceramics. We provide solutions for technically challenging applications including but not limited to medical devices, energy storage, superconductors, optics, flexible electronics, solar and other functional coatings.

We continue to grow and currently are hiring for multiple positions. Please contact for information or visit our Indeed posts.

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