Intellivation R2R500

INTELLIVATION R2R Series Vacuum Web Coating Systems

The INTELLIVATION R2R Series roll to roll web coating systems feature substrate pretreatment, four to five configurable process zones, a temperature controlled coating drum and a state of the art control system. Process zones can be configured for planar sputtering magnetrons, rotary sputter magnetrons, evaporation (thermal or e-beam) and plasma surface treatments like glow discharge and anode layer ion source. Designed for roll to roll web coating and roll to roll processing of flexible substrates including metal foils, polymer webs, textiles, flexible glass, and flexible ceramics, with coated widths up to 500mm. The R2R series has proven itself in such applications as metallization, security films, optical coatings, flexible electronics, barrier films, medical devices, batteries and other leading edge roll to roll technologies.

We invite you to come to our fully equipped R2R application development laboratory and try your product idea on our R2R coater.

The powerful yet intuitive control system includes data logging and recipe based processing. A suite of optional in-situ metrology techniques provide for quality assurance of films and for rapid development cycles. The compact design of the R2R series maximizes efficiency by delivering high throughput in a small footprint.  Cost of ownership is further reduced through excellent ease of access for operation and maintenance and reduced utility costs as a result of a proprietary coating drum roller design.


INTELLIVATION R2R600 Vacuum Web Coating System


INTELLIVATION R2R330 Vacuum Web Coating System

Intellivation R2R 500 Machine

INTELLIVATION R2R500 Vacuum Web Coating System

Roll to Roll Web Coating System:


  • Web Widths from 50 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Plastic & Metal Foils , Textiles, Flexible Glass & Ceramics
  • Industry Leading Compact Ergonomic Design
  • Versatile Web Paths
    • Web forward and backward enables multi-layer coating designs
    • Non-contact front surface web paths for defect free surfaces
    • Drum mode for coating straps or individual substrates
    • Interleaf removal optional
  • Up to 4 Configurable Deposition Zones
    • Evaporation (Thermal or E-beam)
    • Bipolar Pulsed, AC or DC Planar Sputter Magnetrons
    • BiPolar Pulsed, AC or DC Rotary Sputter Magnetrons
    • Plasma surface treatment options, in addition to Pre- or Post- Treatment
    • Optional depositions Sources e.g. HIPIMS, PECVD,

Thin Film Applications

  • Metallization
  • Flexible Circuits
  • Optical & Display
  • Barrier
  • Decorative
  • Security
  • Magnetic
  • Thin film battery
  • High temperature Superconductors
  • Medical Devices
  • Tribological (Wear) Coatings

Substrates Processed

  • Polymers
  • Metal foils
  • Textiles
  • Nonwovens
  • Flexible glass
  • Flexible ceramics

INTELLIVATION Roll to Roll Web Coaters: Models at a Glance

INTELLIVATION R2R Web Coater Series Features

R2R Series Ergonomic Design

Deposition Bulkhead is Retractable & Fully Accessible

Provides unrestricted access for:

  • Target Changes (30 minutes or less per zone, planar or rotary sputter target)
  • Quick Shield Changes, no Open Water Connection
  • No water connections for planars

R2R Series Industry Leading Facility Compact Footprint

With laboratory and Industrial space at a premium for many companies the area occupied by the R2R Series is exceptionally small:

  • R2R330    60 ft² (5.4 m²)
  • R2R500    97 ft² (9.0 m²)
  • R2R1000  97 ft² (9.0 m²)

The small R2R footprint provides versatility and flexibility for locating equipment in new or existing facilities.

R2R Series Controls

Versatile Web Paths
  • Web movement forward and backward enables complex multi-layer thin film coatings
  • Non-contact front surface web path for defect free web handling (optional)
  • Interleaf removal and application for sensitive surfaces
  • Drum mode for coating slides or individual substrates
  • Web paths are configurable with straight forward machine configuration changes.
  • All machines are prepared for roller additions and ease of alignment
  • Provides flexibility for developing new products and/or flexible manufacturing
Web Control
  • Precise Tension Control
  • Enables coating of challenging substrates like flexible ceramics and glass
  • Precision coatings for large DOE’s
  • Precise substrate positioning
  • Web position recorded and monitored to sub millimeter precision
  • Three zone tension control
  • HMI front panel changes with installed configuration making integration for the operator seamless and inherent
Web Speed and Position Monitoring
  • Permits precise alignment of coating positions on web, critical for multipass and multilayer coatings
  • Allows for a wide range of recipes in singe campaign
  • Fully automated, can be pre-programmed
  • System control can be fully programmable and run independently
Glow Discharge Source
Planar Magnetron

R2R Series Deposition Sources

Thin film sources:

R2R Series In-Situ Metrology

  • Optical Density
  • Sheet resistance / conductivity
  • Spectral reflectance
  • Spectral Transmission
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance (thickness)
  • End-point Detection
  • Residual Gas Analyzer
  • Others

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