INTELLIVATION Custom Web Coater Systems

INTELLIVATION is expert in R2R Vacuum Web Coating Technology. We provide R2R process solutions by offering the best in class vacuum web coating system design and components. From our experience with providing custom R2R web coating machinest from roll to roll metallization to R2R flexible electronics we offer innovative intelligent designs for your roll coater requirements.

Our custom roll coater systems have incorporated sputtering magnetrons, reactive sputtering processes, thermal and e-beam evaporation and CVD processes. R2R vacuum web coating systems have found use in medical devices, transparent barrier, optical coatings, high temperature superconductors and security coatings. With our well equipped vacuum web coating applications laboratory you can begin process development with a proven path to scalability prior to delivery of your own custom web coater.

Large Area Custom Web Coating Systems

INTELLIVATION can provide customized designs to your requirements. We can help you select and integrate the design features that appear in our R2R series and other technologies that may be unique to your coater needs.

1500mm-wide web roll coater

1500 mm Wide Web Roll Coater

  • Tension Control
  • Heated / Chill Roller Design
  • Substrate Cleaning Rollers
  • Mask and Interleaf Integration
  • Active Web Alignment
  • Safety Chuck or Core Chuck Mounting
  • In-situ Web Marking System
  • Web Path Optimization
  • Process Zone Isolation

Custom Textile Anti-bacterial Coating System

  • Initiated CVD Source
  • Precursor delivery system
  • Tension Control
  • Compact 300 mm system
Custom Textile Coating Sytem
Atmospheric Lamination System
Atmospheric Lamination System

Atmospheric Lamination System

  • Active web alignment / steering
  • Variable Nip force

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