Experts in Vacuum Roll to Roll Coating Technology

Innovative Vacuum Web Coating Systems and Components

We provide roll to roll process solutions by offering the best-in-class vacuum web coating systems and components. From our R2R series vacuum web coating systems to our sputtering magnetron cathodes, we offer a state-of-the-art application coating laboratory where your vacuum web coating process development can occur while waiting to take ownership of your own INTELLIVATION R2R vacuum web coater including scaling a process or product to production. If your web coating process requires a custom design INTELLIVATION provides exceptional value due to our engineering DNA and experienced team for Large area vacuum coating. 

Process, Product, and Technology Support

INTELLIVATION provides process, product and technology support for every aspect of vacuum roll to roll coating. Our roll to roll (R2R) and large area web system are flexible and fully configured with a wide ranges of deposition capabilities to support new technologies requiring roll to roll coating or experienced customers that need support with process and product development.


Large scale manufacturing of flexible substrates with thin film deposition enables a host of products in various markets. From optical displays, high temperature superconductors, flexible photovoltaics, and medical devices to printed circuits, INTELLIVATION is leading the way with a flexible R2R platform that enables a variety of thin film deposition technologies in a single coater. We offer both e-beam and thermal evaporation, DC, AC, bi-polar pulsed and HiPIMS sputtering, PECVD and plasma surface treatment process modules.

From research and pilot manufacturing to full manufacturing, our R2R systems enable our customer’s to achieve consistent and repeatable thin films. We invite you to develop your R2R process in our fully equipped Application Laboratory.

Intelligent Roll to Roll Thin Film Innovations: INTELLIVATION is the new Frontier in Vacuum Web Coating


Our R2R500 LAB facility can be run in a Drum or Roll-to-Roll mode and is equipped with in-situ and ex-situ tools for development and analysis of coatings with additional external support locally, if needed. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to support customers in-house with dedicated facilities for visitors utilizing the Lab.

Machine Shop

INTELLIVATION is a vertically integrated system provider focusing on solutions for vacuum roll to roll coating technology and processes. The ability to design, manufacture components, assemble and fully test each system internally allows for the unique capability of supply chain control as well as making real-time modifications and adjustments if necessary. Our in-house machine shop is equipped with a wide range of CNC milling, and turning centers.

Process and Product Control

Integrated, unique solutions for process, web handling, automation and controls are key to allowing customers to run multi-layer, multi-pass (>500) precise layers. Superior process knowledge and versatility coupled with our controls allows for unparalleled flexible deposition solutions. The ability to run in a drum mode and precisely duplicate full scale production drives solutions from concept to production, shortening development and time to market dramatically.

Technology Components

INTELLIVATION brings leading web coating systems like our R2R Series of roll to roll web coating systems and individual components like our planar sputtering magnetrons, rotary magnetron, magnet bars, glow discharge sources, anode layer sources, and thermal evaporation modules to the forefront of flexible deposition solutions.

Intelligent Innovative Engineered Solutions

We don’t go about design the same as everyone. We start with a blank slate, think outside the box and create innovative designs that solve your problems. 
Our customers benefit from industry leading technology innovations intrinsic to INTELLIVATION’s vacuum web coating solutions, comprised of roll-to-roll deposition equipment including unique controls, a wide range of sources and in-situ metrology.

About Us

Since our inception in Tucson, AZ over a decade ago, we have designed, built, and delivered state-of-the-art equipment used for roll-to-roll thin film deposition throughout a broad range of industries. Our team of engineers, expert machinists, experienced process and production support team, together to provide solutions that meet our customer’s demanding requirements. Read more about INTELLIVATION, LLC, meet our team. and contact us for more information.

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